CS50x - Week 8

HTML, CSS and JavaScript


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This week we dove headfast into the world of web development using the dynamic trio HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This illuminated the mechanics and magic behind websites and applications we interact with daily.


We kicked off by unravelling the intricacies of TCP/IP, the backbone of modern networking. They are the two protocols that allow computers to transfer data between them over the internet. Understanding its role in transmitting packets of data sheds light on the interconnectedness that powers the internet as we know it.


In full - Domain Naming System, that helps us navigate the web. It helps route website addresses to their respective IP addresses.


It is an application-level protocol that developers use to build powerful and useful things.


In full - Hypertext Markup Language - serves as the foundation of web content, providing a structural framework for text, images and multimedia elements.

It is made up of tags, each of which may have some attributes that describe it.


In full - Cascading Style Sheet - is the artistic brush that paints a web's visual landscape. I learned how to use CSS to manipulate colours, fonts, layouts, turning basic HTML structures into captivating designs and more.


Javascript introduces interactivity and responsiveness within web pages. I learnt how it allows one to dynamically read and modify the HTML document loaded into memory such that one need not reload to see changes.


I learnt about frameworks which are third-party libraries that can be utilized with HTML files. We specifically touched on Bootstrap and how it can be used to beautify HTML and make it easily readable.


Learning about the synergy between TCP/IP, DNS, HTML, CSS, frameworks, and JavaScript gave us an understanding of how they all converge to deliver the immersive and seamless experiences we encounter on the web.

The task for this week's problem set involved creating a basic webpage using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to introduce yourself, sharing details about your favourite hobby or extracurricular activity, or any other subject of personal interest.