CS50x - Week 7



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In Week Seven, I got the privilege to dive into the world of databases. It included exploring how data is structured, stored and manipulated to power modern applications using SQL.


Flat file databases is an approach to organizing data, where information is stored in simple, human-readable text files. They however have several limitations as data grows more complex.

Relational databases provide a more structured approach. They allow us to efficiently manage interconnected data with tables linked by keys hence allowing us to manage interconnected data.


It stands for Structured Query Language. I discovered the power of SQL in retrieving, manipulating and organizing data within relational databases. I learned about writing queries to extract valuable information and learnt the best practices and the importance of precise, well-structured queries in handling data.


JOINS in SQL help us combine data from multiple tables unlocking the potential insights from complex datasets. I learned how to utilise INNER, LEFT and RIGHT JOINs.


I also explored how to integrate SQL with Python, which is an amazing way to bridge the gap between databases and programming skills. I used Python libraries to interact with SQL databases.


Week Seven broadened my horizon on data management and I look forward to what lies ahead in the course as I apply these newfound skills and knowledge in real-world projects.